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Leading the Way Through Education

Two doctors performing oral surgery on patients
Knowledge. Practical Skills. Collaboration. We know these are among the essential building blocks to move our industry and its practitioners forward.  At Osteo Science Foundation, we are expanding our research and impact by spearheading a wide variety of leading educational initiatives. Osteo Science Foundation is committed to delivering the highest standard of education for our […]

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Research Accomplishments

Research drives progress. That’s why Osteo Science Foundation is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists in their pursuit of high-quality research. Our researchers are making significant strides forward. Their work strengthens our field and brings the hop of better medicine that much closer. We are proud to be their partners and to help […]

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Tissue engineering is based on the interaction between stem cells, biomaterials and factors delivered in biological niches. Oral tissues have been found to be rich in stem cells from different sources: Stem cells from oral cavity are easily harvestable and have shown a great plasticity towards the main lineages, specifically towards bone tissues.

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Tissue engineered cartilage substitutes, which induce the process of endochondral ossification, represent a regenerative strategy for bone defect healing. Such constructs typically consist of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) forming a cartilage template in vitro, which can be implanted to stimulate bone formation in vivo. The use of MSCs of allogeneic origin could potentially improve […]

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Vascularization is essential for tissue regeneration. Despite extensive efforts in the past decades, sufficient and rapid vascularization remains a major challenge in tissue engineering. Many studies have shown that the addition of channels in a porous scaffold can provide the ability to promote cell growth and rapid vascularization, thus leading to better outcomes in new tissue formation.

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Graphic rendering of recession coverage
The goal of a surgical procedure aimed at treating multiple recessions is to achieve complete root coverage that blends with the surrounding soft-tissue and ensures long-term stability with a sulcus depth no greater than 2 mm. The current, most commonly used techniques for treating multi-tooth recessions can be divided into two groups:

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