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Soft Tissue Grafting and the Importance of Phenotype Conversion around Dental Implants: A Periodontal Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective

Current Status


There is growing evidence of the importance of both soft and hard tissue dimensions around dental implants in the prevention of short-term and long- term complications. This presentation will focus on the benefits of “phenotype conversion” using autogenous tissue grafts as well as collagen matrices
whose usage comes with less patient morbidity. Dr. Levine will also share his publications co-authored with Dr. Mauricio Araujo (University of Maringa, Brazil) on a series of single tooth immediate central incisor implants with CBCT and clinical analysis testing the “10 Keys” principles as it relates to long-term clinical and radiographic success.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and apply the benefits to your practice of the “10 Keys for Successful Esthetic-Zone Immediate Implants” as it relates to the diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic phases
  • The importance of soft and hard tissue augmentation for usage in both esthetic and non-esthetic areas for long-term success from single tooth to full arch
  • Describe the indications and benefits for the use of a new volume-stable collagen matrix to augment soft tissue thickness around dental implants and its important role in “phenotype conversion”
  • To understand the recent documented evidence supporting the usage of “phenotype conversion” around dental implants including a series of clinical studies to be published by Dr. Levine and his clinical research group

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