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Chang Hun Lee, PhD

New York, NY

COP Mentor Chang Hun Lee, PhD

Dr. Lee received his BS in Biomedical Engineering from Inje University (South Korea) in 2002. He completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University in 2010 and received postdoctoral training until 2014 at Center for Craniofacial Regeneration in College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Lee is currently an Assistant Professor of Craniofacial Engineering (in Dental Medicine).

Dr. Lee’s research is focused on musculoskeletal and craniofacial tissue regeneration by harnessing endogenous stem/progenitor cells using advanced scaffold systems, control-delivery system, and translational animal models. In his early research career, Dr. Lee developed an innovative strategy for tissue regeneration by homing body’s own stem cells into defect sites. He applied the new strategy for successful regeneration of synovial joint condyle, tendons, and knee meniscus that resulted in publications in prestigious journals, including The Lancet, Science Translational Medicine, and Journal of Clinical Investigation. His recent publication in Journal Clinical Investigation was highlighted in New England Journal of Medicine in 2016. For the last 10 years of his research career including graduate programs, Dr. Lee’s publications have been cited over 2,200 times (as of Sept 2017), showing the high impact of his research in the field.

Dr. Lee is a recipient of New Investigator Recognition Award at Orthopedic Research Society (2013), Best Research Mentor Award from Bergen Academy (2011), Webster Jee Young Investigator Award at International Chinese Hard Tissue Society (2009), Young Investigator Award at Society of Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine (2008), University Dean Award from Inje University (2004), and International fellowship award from Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (2003). He was an invited speaker at Society for Biomaterials (2014) and Gordon Research Conference on Collagen (2011). He served as an invited moderator and reviewer at the annual meeting of Orthopedic Research Society (2016) and a journal reviewer for Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Orthopedic Research, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, and Macromolecular Bioscience, Plos One, Advanced Healthcare Materials, and more. Dr. Lee was a member in NIH BTSS study section (2015), a grant review panel in Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program (MIPS) (2016) and European Research Council (2017).

To date, Dr. Lee has mentored over 30 post-graduate, dental and undergraduate students. Many of his students received research awards, including Birnberg research awards, AADR fellowship award, ASDA best presentation award, Melvin Morris Awards, and Hatton Award finalist.


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