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Paulo Coelho, DDS, PhD

Miami, FL

Paulo Coelho

Dr. Coelho completed his DDS at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in Brazil then went on to the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he received his MS in Biomaterials and MSMtE, BS, and PhD in Materials Engineering. 

Dr. Coelho went on to New York University College of Dentistry where his research interests focus on 

    • Hard and soft tissue engineering for reconstructive surgery
    • Systemic effects on tissue healing
    • Preclinical evaluation of implantable devices
    • Metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and biomaterials characterization
    • Engineering tissue response to different biomaterials types
    • In vitro (cell) response to biomaterials
    • Biomedical device designing and testing
    • Biomechanical and thermal simulation of complex device geometries

    Currently, Dr. Coelho is a Co-PI on an Osteo Science Foundation Peter Geistlich Research Award  for Dr. Young’s Research Project “Use of a Compromised Maxillofacial Wound Healing Model for Characterization of Bone Graft Material” 

    Read more about this Research Project here


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