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Teresa G. Biggerstaff, DDS, MD

Kernersville, NC

Teresa G. Biggerstaff headshotTeresa G. Biggerstaff, DDS, MD, a native of Washington State, began her training at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry.  During dental school there, she had the opportunity to meet Michael S. Block, DMD, who had visited UCSF as a guest lecturer on dental implants.  This visit happened to occur during the time when she needed to decide which OMFS externships she should consider.  Dr. Block’s visit and lecture, along with guidance from M. Anthony Pogrel, MD, DDS, at UCSF, led her to apply for an externship at LSU New Orleans in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  This amazing externship experience definitely sold her on the LSU residency program. 

Training at LSU gave Dr. Biggerstaff the opportunity to evaluate and treat the entire spectrum of oral and maxillofacial problems and procedures.  She was trained in dental implants and bone grafting by working closely with Dr. Block.  Dr. Biggerstaff also had the unique opportunity during residency to train for six months in private practice with Daniel B. Spagnoli, DDS, MS, PhD; Myron Tucker, DDS; Dale J. Misiek, DMD; and Brian B. Farrell, DDS, MD.  After being just the fifth woman to graduate from the LSU New Orleans OMFS residency, she completed a facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery fellowship with Todd G. Owsley, DDS, MD.  The vast cosmetic surgery experience gained at LSU with Jon Perenack, MD, DDS, and her fellowship with Dr. Owsley gave her the knowledge and experience needed to have a robust facial cosmetic surgery practice.

After residency and fellowship, Dr. Biggerstaff joined a small private practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, then four years later built her own practice in nearby Kernersville.  She has also built a full-service medical spa, an additional office in Advance, North Carolina, and has a full-time associate in the practice.  

Areas of Focus:

Dr. Biggerstaff enjoys a balanced private practice, which includes treatment planning and completion of simple and complex bone grafting and implant reconstruction cases, cosmetic injectables, facial cosmetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, and traditional dentoalveolar procedures.  Regenerative medicine has a place in both the cosmetic branch of Dr. Biggerstaff’s practice as well as the reconstructive branch.  She uses growth factors such as PRP, BMP, PDGF and other products for rejuvenation of hair and skin, as well as regeneration of bone and oral soft tissues.  Dr. Biggerstaff also has an interest in virtual surgical treatment planning for dental implants as well as orthognathic surgery and custom facial implants.   She also uses 3D printed surgical guides (printed commercial and on her own printer) for complex dental implant cases.



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