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Season 2 | Generations of Regeneration Podcast

In this season of “Generations of Regeneration,” Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon has been nominated by Osteo Science Foundation to be interviewed by a surgeon from a different generation. Conversations are being had surrounding the important issues in OMS including how things have changed from generation to generation. Listen in to hear views on work life balance, mentorship, opportunities, and much more in these latest episodes. Tune in here or anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Sean Edwards, DDS, MD & Sara Anderson, DDS, MD

Edwards:Anderson podcast screenshot

Pete Larsen, DDS & Brittany Sonnichsen, DMD

Mehra:Couey screenshot

Pushkar Mehra, DMD & Marcus Couey, DDS, MD

Mehra:Couey screenshot

Faisal A. Quereshy MD, DDS, FACS & Ashley E. Manlove, DMD, MD

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Myron Tucker, DDS and Daniel Hammer, DDS, FACD, FACS

George Kushner, DMD, MD and Jeffrey Marschall, DMD, MD

Michael Miloro, DMD, MD, FACS & Antonio Kolokythas, DMD, MSc, MSEd

Simon Young, DDS, MD, PhD & Sarah Wong, DDS, PhD

Simon/Sarah ss

Mark E. Wong, FACD, FACS & Alexander M. Tatara, MD, PhD

Mark Wong Alex Tatara

Season 1 | Generations of Regeneration Podcast

Executive Director Andrea Ancheta and Scientific and Education Liasion Myron Tucker, DDS co host the first season of Osteo Science Foundation’s podcast series “Generations of Regeneration”. In this installment of episodes, co hosts Myron and Andrea sit down with the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who is featured in that month’s webinar presentation to learn more about each expert. 

Alan Herford, DDS, MD

Alan Herford

Pamela Yelick, PhD

John R. Zuniga, DDS, MS, PhD

Jay P. Malmquist, DMD

Sidney B. Eisig, DDS

Teresa G. Biggerstaff, DDS, MD

Marco C. Bottino, DDS, MSc, PhD, FADM

Richard E. Bauer, DMD, MD

Edmond Bedrossian, DDS

Michael S. Block, DMD

Rabie Shanti, DMD, MD

Leonardo P. Faverani DDS, MSc, PhD

Mark Ochs, DMD, MD

Robert Guldberg, PhD

Simon Young, DDS, MD, PhD

Daniel Spagnoli, DDS, PhD

*BONUS EPISODE* R. Gilbert Triplett, DDS, PhD


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