Author: Andrea Boidman

3D-printed, externally-implanted, bioresorbable airway splints for severe tracheobronchomalacia

3D-printed, externally-implanted, bioresorbable airway splints for severe tracheobronchomalacia

Engineering strategies to facilitate regeneration of missing tissues commonly employ biomaterial scaffolds to guide tissue formation. Such approaches often seek to leverage bioresorbable scaffold materials to mitigate potential complications that might be associated with long-term retention of the implanted material.

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An Overview of the Tissue Engineering Market in the United States from 2011 to 2018

The growth of the field of tissue engineering over the past several decades has been remarkable. While considerable investments continue to be placed in research and development for tissue engineering technologies, translation of the technologies to the clinic to effect patient care remains the ultimate objective.

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Two doctors performing oral surgery on patients

Leading the Way Through Education

Knowledge. Practical Skills. Collaboration. We know these are among the essential building blocks to move our industry and its practitioners forward. 

At Osteo Science Foundation, we are expanding our research and impact by spearheading a wide variety of leading educational initiatives. Osteo Science Foundation is committed to delivering the highest standard of education for our industry, and has come to embody important new channels for collaboration, partnership, training, and professional development.

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Research Accomplishments

Research drives progress. That’s why Osteo Science Foundation is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists in their pursuit of high-quality research.

Our researchers are making significant strides forward. Their work strengthens our field and brings the hop of better medicine that much closer. We are proud to be their partners and to help lead the way by funding initiatives that make a true difference in regenerative medicine and professional development.

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