Bone Regenerative Medicine in Oral and Maxillofacial Region Using a Three-Dimensional Printer

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Bone grafts currently used for the treatment of large bone defect or asymmetry in oral and maxillofacial region include autologous, allogeneic, and artificial bones.

Although artificial bone is free from the concerns of donor site morbidity, limitation of volume, disease transmission, and ethical issues, it lacks osteogenic and osteoinductive activities. In addition, molding of the artificial bone is an issue especially when it is used for the augmentation of bone as onlay grafts. To solve this problem, additive manufacturing techniques have been applied to fabricate bones which have outer shapes conformed to patients’ bones. We developed a custom-made artificial bone called a computed tomography (CT)-bone. Efficacy of CT-bone was proven in a clinical research and clinical trial, showing good manipulability, stability, and patient satisfaction.

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Andrea Boidman
Author: Andrea Boidman


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