Graphic rendering of recession coverage

Recession Coverage: A less invasive tunneling technique for multiple recession defects

The goal of a surgical procedure aimed at treating multiple recessions is to achieve complete root coverage that blends with the surrounding soft-tissue and ensures long-term stability with a sulcus depth no greater than 2 mm. The current, most commonly used techniques for treating multi-tooth recessions can be divided into two groups:

  • Multiple coronally advanced split thickness flap1 where the papillae are incised,
  • Tunneling where the papillae are not incised.

The tunneling technique for multiple recession coverage derives from the supraperiosteal envelope technique in combination with connective tissue grafts (CTG).2 One of the advantages of this method is preservation of the gingival papilla continuity and creation of a pouch containing a CTG, which is slightly exposed over the recession. However, leaving the graft exposed can jeopardize the aesthetic result.

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