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Dr. Mark Ochs Webinar

Topic: Replacing and Regenerating Maxillofacial Tissues
Speaker: Mark W. Ochs, DMD, MD
Date: 2/9/2021
Time: 8 pm EST
CE/CME Credits Available: 1 CE/CME Credit



This webinar is 1 hour in length followed by a 15 minute LIVE Q&A. During the webinar presentation you will have the opportunity to submit questions to the Q&A section to receive an answer directly from Dr. Ochs. 

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  1. If you have an account and are currently logged in, you can go directly to the quiz link that will be provided in the Zoom Chat during the Webinar. This will bring you to the two-question quiz. Once the quiz is scored 100% you will be able to download your CE Certificate immediately. You will have access to your CME Certificate through PeerPoint within 30 days.

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