Application Process

All groundbreaking research discoveries start with an idea that typically needs funding to be put into action. One of Osteo Science Foundation’s primary roles is to provide funding for research in hard and soft tissue regeneration with a focus on Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery. Our funding is focused on investigator-initiated, peer-reviewed proposals. This intellectual freedom encourages discovery in areas that scientists believe are most likely to advance our field and hasten improved patient outcomes.

Submission Cycles

For Peter Geistlich, Philip J. Boyne Junior Faculty, and Resident Research Awards

Grant submission periods are
April 1 – June 1, and October 1 – December 1


STEP 1 Review Grant Award Opportunities

There are several research grant awards, each with specific procedures and required documentation. Carefully review our research grant opportunities to determine to which one you are interested in applying.


STEP 2 Confirm Eligibility

Check to make certain that you meet all eligibility requirements prior to applying.

  • Peter Geistlich Research Award: No prerequisite requirements.
  • Philip J. Boyne Junior Faculty Awards: To be eligible for this award, faculty must be in an OMFS program, within the first 5 years of their faculty appointment at the time of application and must have a mentor affiliated with the project.
  • Resident Research Awards: To be eligible for this award, residents and fellows must be in an accredited OMFS program and must have a mentor affiliated with the project.

All applicants must be in the United States or Canada

STEP 3 Start Application

Start your application by creating a new online account, or logging into an existing account. When the grant submission periods are open, you will see the available opportunities on your dashboard in the grants management portal. Instructions for completing the proposal or application are embedded on the actual application which you may save and return to at any time before submitting.
On the application page, you will have an opportunity to download a PDF file listing the fields that must be completed.

If applying for The Peter Geistlich Research Award: A proposal must be completed and submitted as part of the initial application process. A select number of applicants will be invited to submit a full application. Click for Process and Timeline.

If applying for The Philip J. Boyne Junior Faculty Award or a Resident Research Award: An online application is required. However, an initial proposal is not required.

STEP 4 Upload Documentation

Prepare documents to upload. (Links are also embedded within the application). For the full applications for ALL awards, you will be asked to provide:

  • One document that lists all CoPI’s with contact information, in pdf format
  • Biosketch for all PI’s in the NIH format You will be asked to upload one pdf for the PI and one pdf with the NIH-format biosketches for ALL CoPIs.
  • IRB and/or IACUC approval, if required; you will be able to indicate on the application if this is pending.
  • Letter of support from your Department Chair; for the Resident Research Award and the Philip J. Boyne Junior Faculty Award, you are required to submit a letter of support from the mentor on the project.
  • Budget using Osteo Science Foundation template
    • Budget should be for the entire project (one or two years), and should be inclusive of indirect costs, which are capped at 10%.
  • Research Plan to include:
    • Specific Aims
    • Background & Significance: Present background leading to the present application – including supporting data, previous work, results obtained on this subject, gaps which the project is intended to fill.
    • Preliminary Data: Present any relevant preliminary studies pertinent to the application information. Establish theexperience and competence of the Investigator.
    • Research Design & Methods: Describe the research design and the procedures to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the research. If this is a multi-year project, identify the timeline for the specific aims.
    • Note: Research Plan should not exceed 7 pages; font size 11, minimum margin width of 0.5 inches, maximum of 6 lines per vertical inch; images, tables, diagrams, etc. must be included in the page maximum.
  • Appendix: Please upload one document that encompasses:
    • List of all cited references (required)
    • Glossary to define terms used in your application (required)
    • Appendix (optional)
    • Note: This document should be no longer than 2 pages, maximum. The appendix can include surveys, questionnaires, andselected publications for PI, Co-PI, Key Personnel. Only those publications accepted following peer review or in press yet notavailable online will be accepted here. (Links should be provided for those available online).


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