Jeremy J. Mao, DDS, PhD

Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine

Jeremy J. Mao

Novel Bone Grafting Procedures for Oral and Maxillofacial Applications

Dr. Jeremy Mao is a clinician/scientist, and currently Edwin S. Robinson Professor of Dentistry at Columbia University.  Dr. Mao has published over 200 scientific articles, proceedings, book chapters and books.  Dr. Mao has delivered over 360 invited, keynote and plenary lectures worldwide.  Dr. Mao has been active in the field of orthopedic research, plastic surgery research and dental/craniofacial research.  Dr. Mao’s laboratory has trained dozens of scientists and clinicians that are in academia, industry and government.  Dr. Mao’s research group is currently funded by NIH and other grants in the areas of stem cell biology, tissue engineering and wound healing.


One of the dire needs in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) is craniofacial bone defects following loss of natural teeth, trauma, tumor resection and infections. Approximately over 50% of dental implant patients require ridge augmentation of resorbed alveolar bone prior to or at the time of implant placement. In OMFS, autogenous bone grafts have been considered the “gold standard” for regenerative procedures. However, due to the limitation of the supply and morbidity on the secondary surgical site, a substitute to autogenous bone grafts represents an acute medical need. Various allografts, xenografts and alloplast materials have been tested for decades. To date, no bone graft products in the market can meet clinical needs.


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