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Sarah Wong, DDS, PhD

First OMS Research Fellow

Sarah Wong

Sarah Anne Wong, DDS, PhD, completed her PhD training in 2018 under the mentorship of Drs. Ralph Marcucio and Chelsea Bahney and completed dental training at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Wong’s overarching thesis goals were to identify molecular signaling pathways that regulate bone fracture repair and to apply this knowledge to the development of novel therapies. Her discoveries include identifying the critical role of Wnt signaling in cartilage-to-bone transformation and the therapeutic potential of cartilage as a graft alternative. Her research has resulted in numerous publications, national and international conference presentations, and several research awards. Dr. Wong plans to apply for OMS residency following a postdoctoral year at University of California, San Francisco. Her ultimate career goal is to serve in dental academia as a surgeon-scientist where she can combine her interests in oral surgery, research, and teaching.

    “I know I have only begun my fellowship, but I already feel that I have benefitted so much from the OSF OMS Research Fellowship. The mentorship is truly unparalleled and I am continually amazed by the opportunities I have received to participate in OMS-related projects and to engage with this community. I would like to particularly acknowledge Drs. Simon Young and Chi Viet for their unwavering support and guidance. Through their efforts, I have already had the opportunity to collaborate on several manuscripts and have been granted the position of this year’s Group Program Chair (GPC) for the IADR / AADOCR OMS Research Group. I never could have dreamed such opportunities were possible, and I am so thankful to have received such a warm welcome into the OMS community. Amazingly, my OMS mentorship is just beginning! The OSF has kindly arranged regularly scheduled meetings for me with an elite group of OMS faculty from across the country. I feel so humbled and honored to receive such guidance, and I am looking forward to our first meeting. Thanks so much to the Osteo Science Foundation for creating this fellowship and for putting such careful thought into its design and execution. I am sure it will continue to be a tremendous blessing for many future generations of fellows.”  

    Dr. Wong


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