Yuanyuan Duan, DDS, PhD

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Yuanyuan Duan

An Artificial Eggshell Membrane for Guided Tissue Regeneration

Dr. Yuanyuan Duan received her dental degree, PhD degree and completed her residency training in Prosthodontics at School of Dentistry, Fourth Military Medical University of China. She is currently an assistant professor of Biomedical Materials Science at School of Dentistry, University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). She works closely with Dr. Ravi Chandran, associate professor, residency program director and departmental chair of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at UMMC, on this project to develop an innovative and biomimetic artificial eggshell membrane for guided tissue regeneration/guided bone regeneration (GTR/GBR) applications.


Guided tissue generation/guided bone generation (GTR/GBR) is a widely-used clinical technique to treat periodontal disease and dental/craniofacial defects by placing a polymeric membrane between epithelial tissue and periodontal ligament/bone tissue. This membrane serves as a barrier to protect the slower-growing periodontal ligament and bone tissues from the invasion of faster-growing epithelial tissue, but it should also allow exchange of fluids and signals between different tissues. A number of barrier membranes are available, but current products are very costly and have limitations. Avian eggshell membrane is a semi-permeable fibrous membrane between egg-white and eggshell. It is available in abundant quantities as a waste product from poultry and food industry. Natural eggshell membrane is composed of a highly-crosslinked interwoven protein fiber network with a unique double-layered structure. It not only allows excellent water/oxygen exchange and satisfies the need of embryo development, but it also serves as a natural barrier membrane against the invasion of microorganisms and other challenges from the external environment.

Inspired by the similarity of eggshell membrane and GTR/GBR membrane as a barrier membrane, we propose this project to explore the feasibility of developing an innovative and biomimetic artificial eggshell membrane for GTR/GBR application using reactive electrospinning technique and response surface methodology (RSM), which can simulate the unique composition and microstructure of natural eggshell membrane. The long-term goal of our proposed project is to improve the clinical outcome and cost-efficiency of barrier membranes, as well as lay a foundation for converting eggshell membrane derived materials from an abundant industrial by-product to a new and promising biomaterial for dentistry and medicine.


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