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  • Background Information

  • Participants


    Robert E. Johnson, DMD, MD

    University of Washington


    Vincent Aquino, DDS

    Detroit Medical Center

    Natasha Bhalla, DDS

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    John Le, DDS

    UAB School of Dentistry, UAB Hospitals


    Marc Generowicz

    Touro College of Dental Medicine

  • Senior Clinical Mentors

    Experience is the best teacher and, because of this, Osteo Science Foundation is grateful to the following Mentors for donating their time to this important program.

    Marco C. Bottino, DDS, MSc, PhD, FADM

    Paulo Coelho, DDS, PhD

    Umadevi Kandalam, PhD

    Rabie Shanti, DMD, MD

    Lukasz Witek, MSci, PhD

    Pamela Yelick, PhD

    Simon Young, DDS, MD, PhD

  • Process & Timeline

    Applications for the Research Observership must be submitted to Osteo Science Foundation using the online form, no later than 11:59 PM PST on the deadlines of August 1 or February 1. Late submissions will not be accepted. The online proposal form opens on June 1 in the first cycle and December 1 in the second cycle. 

    First Cycle
    Submission period: June 1 – August 1
    Notification date is September 15

    Second Cycle
    Submission period: December 1 – February 1
    Notification date is March 15

    The Scientific and Clinical Review Committee will thoroughly review each application and will consult with the research mentors before recommending placements to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will then discuss the evaluation results from the Education Committee and decide on acceptance of each applicant. 

    Please keep in mind that the mentors have been selected because they are committed to resident education and are researchers who are part of the Osteo Science Foundation Community, many as former grantees.  While we unfortunately are not able to take requests from residents for specific mentors, we will do our best to match you with a researcher who has expertise that matches the interest of the resident, as per the essay in the application.  We will also do our best to match residents with researchers who are close in geographic proximity, in order to facilitate future collaborations.

  • Licensure and Insurance

    Each institution will have different requirements for researchers.  We will work on a case-by-case basis with each program to determine what is needed.  

  • Duration of Observation

    • 4 weeks preferred
    • Specific time period will depend on resident and clinician availability, and may not take place until the next calendar year
    • Remuneration

      Travel and living expenses are covered by Osteo Science Foundation, including transportation during the observership (rental car or public transportation). Per diem rates for housing are as per the GSA Travel rates. OSF does not cover the cost of food during the observership. Residents will be provided with a credit card, so that no out-of-pocket expenses will be incurred, though receipts must be provided after the observership to support each expense. Housing and flights will be booked directly by OSF, once arrangements have been made with the resident.

      If preferred by the resident or program, an educational grant can be made to the department, instead of reimbursing or pre-paying expenses. If you wish to pursue this option, please indicate as such on your application. Salaries will not be covered.

    • Eligibility

      In order to be eligible for the Research Observership Program, applicants must be enrolled in an OMFS residency program in the United States or Canada, or must be a dental student in the United States or Canada who is planning a career in OMFS.  


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