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  • Background Information


    In line with its commitment to the next generation of physicians, this award is designated for residents and fellows in a full-time accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program and aims to allow for residents with innovative and interesting ideas to perform entry levels of research.

    The maximum award is $10,000 per year, with a one or two-year project duration, totaling a maximum of $20,000 (inclusive of indirect costs, which are capped at 10%).

  • Award Recipients

    August 2022

    Pooyan Sadr Eshkevari, DDS, MD & Chad Davidson, DMD

    University of Louisville

    February 2021

    Puhan He, DMD, MD

    University of Pennsylvania

    August 2020

    Danny Hadaya, DDS, PhD

    UCLA School of Dentistry

    Jesse Han, DDS, MD

    University of Washington

    August 2019

    Jeffrey Marschall, DMD, MD

    University of Louisville

    February 2019

    James Choi, DMD, MD

    University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

    Matthew Dailey, MD, DDS

    University of Pittsburgh

    August 2018

    Aslan Baradaran, MD

    McGill University

    Robert E. Johnson, DMD, MD

    University of Washington

    August 2016

    Seth Brooks, DDS

    University of Tennessee Health

    Lon Hinckley, DDS

    University of Cincinnati

    Alex Musser, DMD

    University of Cincinnati

    Pasha Shakoori, DDS

    University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

  • Process & Timeline

    This award is restricted to residents and fellows in a full-time, accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program.* All research and project-related work must be conducted in the United States or Canada.

    Applications for the Resident Research Award must be submitted using the online form. There are two submission periods: April 1 – June 1 and October 1 – December 1. The deadline for submissions is no later than 11:59 PM PST on June 1 and December 1, respectively.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  Applications are reviewed by an external Scientific and Clinical Review Committee, and final funding decisions are made by the Osteo Science Foundation Board of Directors

    There is no initial abstract or proposal required for the Resident Award. All applicants must have a senior mentor affiliated with the proposed project. Applicants are notified of the status of their applications by August 15 (Cycle 1) or February 15 (Cycle 2), which is the start date of the award.

    Submission Cycles

    *Exceptions will be considered for dental students or DDS/PhD graduates who are planning for a career in OMS. Prior approval from the Board of Directors must be secured before applying.

  • General Information

    This award is restricted to residents and fellows in a full-time, accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program. All research and project-related work must be conducted in the United States or Canada. 

    Osteo Science Foundation aims to support scientific and clinical research as well as education projects. In order to actively promote basic and clinical scientific research, Osteo Science Foundation awards grants to selected researchers in the United States and Canada.  There are two submission periods, October 1 – December 1 and April 1 – June 1. The deadline for submissions is no later than 11:59 PM PST on deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    Resident Research Awards from Osteo Science Foundation are intended for research proposals submitted by residents or fellows in a full-time, accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery program in the United States or Canada who want to address questions in the field of hard and soft tissue regeneration in Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery. 

    There must be a senior mentor affiliated with each project.  This mentor need not have effort on the project, but the role and level of guidance should be detailed on the application.

    Clinically relevant topics should be addressed and the results submitted to international peer-reviewed journals.

    Osteo Science Foundation ensures strict confidentiality of all applications and applying research teams, as well as the results of the review process among the reviewers and the Foundation.

  • Funding Policy

    Use of Funds
    Grant funds are to be used solely for the project as described in the applicant’s proposal. Any monies received under this agreement should be expended for no other purposes. Any funds not used for the specific purpose of the grant must be returned to Osteo Science Foundation, unless otherwise authorized in writing by Osteo Science Foundation. Grantees specifically agree that no part of the funds received from any grant will be used to carry on propaganda, influence legislation, influence the outcome of any public election, or carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive.

    Maximum Funding
    The maximum grant award will be $10,000 per year, with a two-year project duration, and a total of  $20,000. This amount is inclusive of indirect costs (please see below for more details on indirect costs).  Only project-related costs may be requested. Osteo Science Foundation does not finance infrastructure or basic equipment at research institutions.

    The intent of Osteo Science Foundation is to provide funding for research that is applied directly to each project.  The funding should be applied toward costs associated directly with the research, such as purchase of animals, materials and supplies, and for services that may be required, such as laboratory support, histology lab fees and similar expenses.  

    Investigators’ salaries will not be approved by Osteo Science Foundation. Exceptions may rarely be made for external, direct project-related personnel costs. Project budget proposals, however, should not include significant salary support for research associates or graduate students. Also, tuition or other associated education costs for graduate students involved in these projects should not be included in the budget.  Projects will be viewed most favorably when the funding is directed to project activities and goals rather than financial support of personnel involved in the research.

    The application should include an accurate description of the roles of individuals participating in the project.  For example, if a Primary Investigator is listed as five percent effort but a graduate student is listed as 50 percent effort, this creates some confusion regarding who is primarily responsible for the project.  Clarification of roles of each individual should be clearly defined. The Scientific and Clinical Review Committee will look most favorably on the proposals that comply with these goals.

    Institutional Overhead Costs
    Overhead costs are not to exceed 10% of the total project budget. As a prerequisite for funding of any overhead costs, the investigator must submit a copy of the official overhead regulations with the main application. Applicants may elect to not include indirect costs in their budget; in such case, the full Award amount may be applied directly to the project.

    Additional Funding
    Financial support from organizations other than Osteo Science Foundation must be disclosed within the application and it must be made clear how this will affect the overall budget.

    If awarded funding, applicants have six months from the date of the notification letter to provide all ethics approvals (including IRB or IACUC approvals). If these approvals are not provided within six months of the notification letter, the project will be considered abandoned and no payments will be made.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.  It is recommended to submit all ethics approvals at the time of application.

    All grant funds will be used in compliance with all applicable anti-terrorist financing and asset-control laws, regulations, rules and executive orders, including but not limited to, the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and Executive Order 13224.

    Funding will only be granted if the declaration is signed by the lead applicant and the program director or chairman of the department.

    Institutional Awards
    Osteo Science Foundation will fund no more than one (1) new grant per cycle to an institution.

    Upon applicant notification, Osteo Science Foundation will publish, on its website and in other publications, the names, institutions, title of projects, biosketches (as provided by the applicant) and abstracts for all awarded grants.  Note that unfunded projects will not be publicized and will remain confidential.

    Annual reports are required and are a prerequisite for continuing payments in multi-year projects. The deadline for submission of the first report is 30 days prior to the request date for the second payment, which may not be less than one year from the initial award date.

    • All reports are to be completed on the Foundation’s Grants Management System.
    • Status reports should include an update of the progress for each portion/aim of the project, funds spent to date, funds remaining at that time, anticipated timeline for the remaining term of the project and funding required to complete the project. The form for providing this information can be downloaded from the grant website.
    • A final report including an expenditure report will be required at the end of the project term.

    Investigators are expected to make the results of their research promptly available to the scientific public.  Acknowledgement of Osteo Science Foundation’s support must be made when findings are reported to scientific audiences or scientific journals when publicity is given to a project.  Publications resulting from work supported in whole or in part by Osteo Science Foundation must contain a credit line to that effect.  Osteo Science Foundation should be made aware of each publication. 

    Project Changes
    Osteo Science Foundation reserves the right to approve all project changes.  Request for change is not a guarantee that changes will be approved. 

    A. Change of Institution: no research grant can be transferred from one institution to another without the written approval of Osteo Science Foundation.

    If the applicant wishes to have such transfer made, the applicant must:

    1. Request, in writing, the approval of Osteo Science Foundation for the transfer;
    2. Secure written approval of this transfer from the financial officer at the present institution; 
    3. Submit progress and expenditure reports covering the project period at the present institution up to the time of the transfer;
    4. Provide for the return to Osteo Science Foundation of all unexpended funds received by the present institution for the grant;
    5. Provide the name and address of the financial officer at the new institution; and
    6. Secure from the chairman at the new institution a confirmation of the investigator’s new appointment and confirmation that the available facilities and personnel will permit the prompt continuation of the research project. 

    B. Change of Objective: if the applicant wishes to make changes which alter the approved objectives for which the original grant was made, prior approval of Osteo Science Foundation is required.

    C. Change of Investigator: if the investigator relinquishes or expects to relinquish active direction of the project, Osteo Science Foundation must be notified immediately.  The grantee may:

    1. Request that the grant be terminated, in which case a terminal progress report and an expenditure report must be submitted, and unexpended funds must be returned to Osteo Science Foundation; or
    2. With the approval of Osteo Science Foundation, the grantee institution may continue the project under the direction of another investigator. In the latter instance, biographical data, an interim progress report, and other pertinent information required by Osteo Science Foundation should accompany the request for such continuation.  

    D. No-Cost Extension: the applicant must request a no-cost extension on his/her institution’s letterhead before the end of the initial project period. The request must be approved by Osteo Science Foundation.  The letter must include the reason for no-cost extension and the duration of the extension.  The project year may be extended, up to one year, without additional funding. No additional extension beyond one year will be approved.

  • Application Review Policy

    Applicants must apply between April 1 and June 1 in order to be considered for funding. The Scientific and Clinical Review Committee will thoroughly review each application.  The Board of Directors will then discuss the evaluation results and decide about possible acceptance as well as the amount of the grants to be awarded. The selected applicants will be informed about the Board’s decision on or before August 15 and February 15, which are the start dates of the grant.

    Review Criteria
    An application for the Resident Research Award will be evaluated with respect to its:

    • Clinical relevance
    • Originality of hypothesis
    • Methodology
    • Facilities and qualifications of the research team
    • Relevance to the Foundation’s mission

    As a matter of policy, Osteo Science Foundation will give comments on positive or negative decisions after the evaluation cycle.

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