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Investing Today In The Health Of Tomorrow

Research drives progress. That’s why Osteo Science Foundation invests in scientific research on the most effective surgical techniques and clinical utilization of biomaterials and biologics. Through a variety of research grant opportunities, our aim is to create a strong foundation of preliminary evidence to foster scientific progress.

We promote forward-thinking, applied research in the area of hard and soft tissue regeneration with a focus on Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery. The projects we fund represent the next generation of research in our specialty and are aligned with the mission of Osteo Science Foundation so that new developments and treatment concepts can be made available at the clinical level more quickly and backed by adequate evidence-based results.

Research and Grant Programs

Osteo Science Foundation funds a diverse portfolio ofOsteo Science Foundation Research Accomplishments scientific research through the following grant opportunities:

IAOMS Research Fellowship

Scientific and Clinical Review Committee (SCRC)

The Foundation’s Scientific and Clinical Review Committee (SCRC) reviews and evaluates all research proposals and applications received by the Foundation. The SCRC is instrumental in guiding the Foundation’s pursuit of high quality research, and for that reason, it’s comprised of a highly accomplished team of researchers, scientists, and specialists in Oral and CranioMaxillofacial Surgery.

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