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  • Background

  • Purpose

    To allow more dental students (future OMFS applicants) exposure to regenerative medicine by pairing them with a OMFS mentor who, along with the student, will complete a clinical research project within months to one year, which will result in a poster or publication. All resultant publications or abstracts must acknowledge Osteo Science support.

  • Requirements

    Prior to applying, the student should work with the mentor to identify an extension of an existing project for the student. 

    In line with Osteo Science Foundation’s mission, all projects must have a regenerative medicine focus.

  • Process & Timeline

    Applications for the Dental Student Research Mentorship Award must be submitted to Osteo Science Foundation using the online form, no later than 5:00 PM EDT on the deadline of August 1. Late submissions will not be accepted. The online proposal form opens on June 1. The application will be initiated by the student. 

    Application Cycle
    Submission period: June 1 – August 1
    Notification date is September 15

    The Research Sub-Committee of the Vanguard Committee will thoroughly review each application and will make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Application Overview

    Application will include:

    • -a research biosketch in NIH format for both student and mentor (
    • -one-page description of the research project, including by not limited to: significance, innovation, specific aims, alternative plans and future directions
    • -Timeline (not to exceed one year) – please upload as a figure or table with breakdown of months spent on each part of the project
    • -Plan for mentorship: frequency of mentorship meetings, mentor and mentee role in the research project
    • -Letter of commitment/support from the research mentor
  • Participants

    Research Observership Program Participants


    Robert E. Johnson, DMD, MD

    University of Washington


    Vincent Aquino, DDS

    Detroit Medical Center

    Natasha Bhalla, DDS

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    John Le, DDS

    UAB School of Dentistry, UAB Hospitals


    Marc Generowicz

    Touro College of Dental Medicine

  • Mentors

    Applicants and mentors can be from the same institution or different institution, but the applicant must have identified the mentor and project prior to applying.

  • Funding

    The student and mentor will allocate funds toward 1) collecting data, 2) statistics, 3) supplies, and 4) travel to present results at a conference (e.g., AAOMS, ACOMS, AACMFS, or Osteo Science meeting).

    Each award will be allocated at a maximum of $5,000/student. The award will be made to the mentor’s institution to cover the costs of the research. A portion ($2,000 of the $5,000 total) may be allotted to the student for travel to a conference.

  • Eligibility

    In order to be eligible for the Dental Student Research Mentorship Award, applicants must be enrolled in a dental school in the United States or Canada.  


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